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15-year-old suspect will be charged as an adult in deadly school shooting

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said the deadly shooting at a Michigan high school “was an evil act” that “appears to be random.”

He did not disclose any revelations gleaned from the suspect’s writings that were discovered overnight, but as authorities continue to investigate the motive, he said, regardless, “there is nothing that would justify this.”

“So the ‘why’ is more I think us grasping at how could somebody do this versus justification for doing this,” Bouchard told CNN. “There is no credible reasonable ‘why’; this was an evil act and it appears to be random.”

Bouchard said authorities do have “some pictures of a target and the weapon,” adding, “we don’t know as to what amount of practice, if any, he had with that weapon or proficiency. » He said the weapon was only purchased four days prior to the attack.

Asked if the suspect showed a level of skill with the weapon based on video review, the sheriff said that “at close range, you don’t have to be a marksman.”

Bouchard said he would like the suspect charged as an adult, but he hasn’t spoken with prosecutors to gauge whether they agree.

The sheriff said that the tragedy has touched many in the community. He said one of his staff members was related to a deceased victim.

“It’s the worst possible terror of any parent to send their kid off to school and not see them again, » he said.

The suspected shooter was a student at the school for the last three to four years, he said.

He could not verify whether the person on video obtained by CNN attempting to enter the classroom was the suspected shooter or a member of his team, as they have not run voice recognition on the film.

Scores of law enforcement teams continue to pore over evidence in different divisions, including the suspect’s writings and social media.

The suspect is still not speaking to investigators.

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