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CES in Las Vegas: what are the Frenchies doing in Nevada?

After a 2021 dematerialized edition, the CES is back in person in the largest city of Nevada from January 5 to 8, but over a period of less than one day. Even if this meeting is marked by sizeable defections, French entrepreneurs attended in numbers. To do what ?

Amazon, Meta – the parent company of Facebook -, Microsoft, Google, Twitter or even Pinterest: all have decided to do without the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, faced with the wave of the Omicron variant. What if this was the opportunity to stand out at this great high-tech meeting?

In any case, this is what the Parisian start-up Kinetix, which is establishing itself more and more in the metaverse, or even Invoxia, who came to CES to unveil a collar to better manage the health of his dog.

People also come there to find distributors in the American market. One of the motivations of Wello, a Reunionese company which presents a new vehicle capable of transporting up to 350 kg of goods, or of Aïssam Moujoud, creator of the PickWheel, an original transporter that could one day overshadow Segway.

We are finally coming there to democratize a new way of doing research. This is the path chosen by Niryo, who, in Lille, is developing an industrial robot that is particularly easy to program and capable of picking up fragile objects. Preview on the shelf!

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