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Drones, pixels, cyberattacks: the surprises of the technological war in Ukraine

From the role played by cyberattacks to the risk of internationalization of the conflict resulting from the massive use of drones, the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine continues to deliver its share of technological surprises. Review of details as the war, which is also being played out in the field of pixels, has now been going on for a year nationwide.

Explaining that a Chinese manufacturer was about to deliver drones to Russia, the German magazine Der Spiegel ffear that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will take on a new international dimension. The war, so brutal on the ground, is taking place more and more in the air, but also on the cyber ground… whereas no major attack had been to be deplored so far.

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The war also takes a more offensive turn in the images. Through videos relayed on social networks, such as Tiktok and Telegram in particular. While the tension is also present in video games, a Ukrainian start-up specializing in generative Artificial Intelligence multiplies the representations of the conflict through an illustrative gallery. The latter also takes place by interposed pixels.

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