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Flexible, foldable smartphones, soon to be rolled up … but for what?

Old dreams of telephony, smartphones that are opened like books are more and more numerous. Is it really useful? Overview and explanations on the set.

It’s an old dream of telephony! Already in 2011, Project Valley, initiated by Samsung, gave a glimpse of a foldable, translucent and flexible phone. If it was at the time only a prototype, the models are multiplying today, as evidenced by the latest announcements from the manufacturers Motorola or Honor. Waiting for a next flexible Pixel?

This is already the case with Find N, the latest from Chinese manufacturer Oppo, based in Guangdong province, in southeast China. This smartphone, whose screen adapts to playing videos, displaying video games or even taking selfies, is especially impressive by its multifunctional character: it allows, by separating the screen into several windows , to perform several tasks at the same time. In addition, several manufacturers are working on models with roll-up screens.

Still, these manufacturers must innovate in a context of shortage of electronic chips, and in the midst of the Sino-American economic war. Not to mention the climatic constraint. In this sense, the innovations of Sunpartners, based in Aix-en-Provence, deserve attention. This company dreams of equipping our smartphones with a transparent photovoltaic film, capable of recovering solar energy. What if this was the race for smartphone manufacturers?

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