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Going darkish with Baudelaire

It’s an exhibition embedded between a prologue and an epilogue, like an essay coupled with an image e book. “Baudelaire. Melancholic modernity « strikes away from the standard retrospectives on the determine of the cursed poet, pulling the satan by the tail and the genius by his plume, which justice has condemned for » insulting good morals « . The lawsuit in opposition to Flowers of Evil, in 1857, is thus solely briefly talked about within the thematic and non-biographical journey that the Nationwide Library of France (BNF) provides for the bicentenary of the delivery of Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867).

Jean-Marc Chatelain, director of uncommon e book reserves on the BNF and normal curator of the exhibition, inaugurated on November 3, summarizes its normal purpose as follows: “To the touch the very coronary heart of the act of creation, each in Baudelaire’s poetic work and in his crucial work. «  Melancholy, inseparable, for the creator of Paris spleen, modernity and wonder « Like alchemy of ache », casts its shadow on texts denoting a tragic consciousness of nothingness, the disappearance of issues like beings and the divorce from oneself.

Going darkish with Baudelaire

Three elements adorned with prints – Baudelaire collected them -, but additionally autograph letters, unique editions, manuscripts, portraits, newspaper headlines that printed his poems, that’s to say a complete of 200 items, clarify this wealthy bias. aesthetic. Baudelaire himself theorized it in an essay dedicated to his good friend Théophile Gautier. He drew the outlines of a « Nice faculty of melancholy » based, in keeping with him, by Chateaubriand, to which he affiliated Pétrus Borel, Sainte-Beuve, Poe and Delacroix.

“Mélancolie du non-lieu” remembers, from the outset, the significance of journey and vagrancy in Baudelaire’s work. Therefore his fascination with acrobats, gypsies, ragpickers. « It appears to me that I’d all the time be effectively the place I’m not, this query of shifting is one which I focus on incessantly with my soul » (My coronary heart laid naked, 1864). In Paris alone, Baudelaire modified his domicile thirty-eight instances.

Figures of the damned

Early torn between the horror and the ecstasy of dwelling, the younger poet, to whom the temptation of suicide was not unrelated, had lined the partitions of one in every of his flats, situated in a non-public mansion on the Ile Saint-Louis , of 13 lithographs by Delacroix printed in 1843, at this time held on the partitions of the BNF. They signify Hamlet, an alter ego for Baudelaire, in addition to Devil, the fallen angel, or different figures of the damned, such because the albatross, with whom he shared a sense of fall and exile.

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