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In Nice, the OVNi video festival expands and asserts itself

The seventh edition of the OVNi video art festival in Nice has just ended. The acronym means « Nice video objective », but could apply to the event itself, as it is outside the norm: spread throughout the city and even beyond, since this year the National Museum of Monaco participated. – with a look at its last ten years of acquisitions which turn out to be surprisingly sharp -, its origin is not a museum, nor a gallery, nor an art center – even if some participate -, but a hotelier.

Odile Redolfi owns the Windsor, in the city center. An atypical place, which has voluntarily given up on becoming a luxury establishment, preferring to entrust the decoration of its rooms to contemporary artists, each one more crazy than the next, which may delight some customers and scare away the majority of others.

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Noting that the off-season, around the month of November, deserves its name, she had the idea of ​​convincing some of her colleagues to take the opportunity to invite artists, thus creating this festival which has been rising every year since. in power. Galleries, art centers and museums are associated with it, collectors, good fairies, have leaned over the cradle and the result is striking.

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Thus, it was one of the rare events not to be invisible in 2020, when, due to the pandemic, the closed places were more so than usual. At the initiative of Pia Maria Martin, professor at the Villa Arson, the videos that could not be seen in the rooms were projected on the windows, to the great joy or the greatest fright of passers-by.

ORLAN as guest of honor

The 2021 edition differs from the previous ones: they could take on an art fair aspect since galleries were invited to present their foals. This is no longer the case. A hotel, the West End, welcomes young people – under 35 – videographers from the region, one of whom, Juliette Guérin, is relocated to the fitness room of the Splendid hotel with a particularly gory and delightful film.

The hotel La Malmaison also welcomes a young artist, Agathe Wiesner, but above all works on loan from major museums: the video of Petra Noordkamp is in the Guggenheim collection, that of Hyewon Kwon comes from the Korean museum SongEun Art Space, that of ‘Elisa Giardina Papa from the Australian UQ Art Museum and that of Barbara Visser from the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Coming from Villa Arson, Clémentine Remy is the regional of the stage.

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