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Ligue 1 lawns greener than the clubs

In times of record drought, an immaculately green lawn is bound to be suspect. The greens of golf courses have been the subject of controversy in recent weeks, and Stade Rennes was caught in the act of illegally watering its training grounds, on July 19 in broad daylight, by the association Water and rivers of Brittany. The club recognized  » a mistake «  and promised to make amends.

Difficult, today, to escape the national sobriety effort. The Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castera, considered, on July 26 on Franceinfo, the banning of competitions at night, in order to save energy and set an example. Enough to thrill professional football and rugby: without matches in the evening, television rights would lose much of their value.

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If the football field serves as a unit of measurement for deforestation or fires, football itself is not ready to serve as a benchmark for ecological transition. And it does not escape scrutiny criticism of his imprint, especially with the approach of a World Cup in Qatar (November 20 – December 18) very criticized on this level.

Immoderate use of air transport

In the midst of the energy and water crisis, the resources consumed for lighting and lawn maintenance are attracting attention. But the construction of stadiums and the transport of spectators constitute the first two sources of CO emissions.2 soccer. The transport of the public represents 80% of those related to the organization of a match, according to the Agency for the environment and energy management (Ademe) – to which are added catering and waste produced during these mass events.

On the symbol side, discipline tends the ball to be beaten. Footballers willingly show off their very carbonic lives, such as Karim Benzema who came under criticism by publishing, on July 2, a video of his trips in Ferraris, 4×4s, private jets and jet skis in Miami. Or Kylian Mbappé, in September 2021, who published a « story » showing him on a plane to make a Strasbourg-Paris.

The teams’ excessive use of air transport is also a little too visible. « Paris-Lens by plane, the PSG puts a headbutt in the climate », lamented Greenpeace France in January 2021. Not to mention the official bus which often makes the round trip empty to ensure short journeys on site… Those who prefer the train are so rare (4% of journeys in 2019-2020 in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, according to the Professional Football League) that these trips make the event, like that of Stade Rennes in Paris in February. The SNCF, however, proposes to privatize and develop TGVs, at competitive rates.

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