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Magdalena Andersson re-elected Prime Minister

After an incredible election-resignation in the space of seven hours last week, Swedish Social Democratic leader Magdalena Andersson was re-elected Prime Minister by Parliament and will be able to officially become the first woman to hold the post.

The Swedish Parliament again voted and appointed, Monday, November 29, the leader of the Social Democrats Magdalena Andersson as Prime Minister, after her chaotic resignation last week.

Until now Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson was elected by the deputies with 173 votes against, 101 votes for and 75 abstentions. In Sweden, a government is approved as long as an absolute majority of 175 deputies does not vote its censure.

Barring an improbable new surprise, the election closes the soap opera of the social democratic transition of power caused by the departure of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who had handed over earlier this month after seven years in power and less than a year legislative elections of September 2022.

A historic first

The presentation of his government to King Carl XVI Gustaf, which officially marks his assumption of office, is expected on Tuesday. At the end of an incredible day of parliamentarism last Wednesday, Magdalena Andersson was first elected Prime Minister, then beaten on her budget by the right-wing opposition and finally forced to resign after the surprise departure of environmentalists from the government.

As a result of this departure from the Green Party, the 54-year-old economist and former high-level swimmer will lead an entirely social-democratic government. Sweden has never had a female Prime Minister since the post was created in 1876, unlike all the other Nordic countries.

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