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Marion Gronier at La Fab hors les murs

Since her beginnings, Marion Gronier has stripped the photographic portrait of all its artifices to get back to basics. The people she chooses stand in front of her, full-face and natural, and look her straight in the eyes, impassive. It is in this radical simplicity that she manages to capture something that paradoxically exceeds individuals – a fate, a heredity, a fate.

After her ruthless portraits of mother / daughter couples in mini-miss competitions (I am your fantasy), it deals today with the problematic identity of the American people through the portraits of members of different communities.

At La Fab outside the walls, and in a book of chilling sobriety, We Were Never Meant to Survive (title taken from the American poet Audre Lorde), she confronts the viewer with faces whose gaze calls out: Indians with whom she lived on a reserve, marked by life and alcohol; icy purity Mennonites; African Americans full of enigmatic gravity. So many faces that seem to carry, in their indecipherable depth, all the violence of history and its legacies.

“We Were Never Meant to Survive”, La Fab hors les murs, 17, rue Dieu, Paris 10e, until 1er December, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Delivered We Were Never Meant to Survive, Le Bec en l’air editions, 140 pages, 38 euros.

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