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Navigation: an increasingly strategic underside of the maps

Cartography, tell me what you show and I’ll tell you who you are. As we map the whole world, from the oceans to our deserts, we can make a wonderful journey through time, like deciding, when it’s too sensitive, to show only a part of reality. Decryption

The giant Apple has just announced the availability of a 3D rendering for certain cities in the world such as Las Vegas, when Google gives the possibility, with Street View, to see from its screen, certain places marked by History , such as the attic of the Saint-Louis-des-Invalides cathedral. The latter served as hiding places for several Allied pilots during the Second World War.

The OpenStreetMap initiative relies on citizen mobilization to photograph the most inaccessible corners, in Cameroon, Ghana or Senegal. In our video, each crackle means the addition of a photo on the participative site. This avalanche of information, at the heart of the battle between the giants of technology, is unprecedented. It does not mean, however, that we obtain one and the same vision of reality throughout the world.

Toutes les actualités du site n'expriment pas le point de vue du site, mais nous transmettons cette actualité automatiquement et la traduisons grâce à une technologie programmatique sur le site et non à partir d'un éditeur humain.
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