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new protests in Europe against restrictions

While Europe is affected by the fifth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, several European governments have announced restrictive measures, going as far as confinement in Austria, or compulsory vaccination which sparked protests on Sunday 21 November.

  • In Brussels, a demonstration of 35,000 people ends in clashes

Clashes erupted during a demonstration against the new anti-Covid-19 measures in Brussels, which brought together tens of thousands of people. The march started peacefully, but the police then used water cannons and tear gas in front of a group of demonstrators throwing projectiles.

At least two police officers were injured during the clashes, as a riot unit, supported by a water cannon, charged into the crowd. A protester was also evacuated by ambulance.

Belgium on Wednesday strengthened its restrictive measures linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, by widening the conditions for wearing a mask and decreeing a return to telework, due to the increase in new daily cases.

  • The Netherlands experiences a second night of violence

Dutch police announced on Sunday that they had arrested 19 people after a second night of violent protests against the latest government health measures.

In The Hague, where the government is based, police officers in riot gear charged groups of demonstrators who threw stones and various objects at them in a working-class neighborhood. Several police officers were injured.

  • In Austria, a peaceful demonstration in Linz

Around 6,000 people, according to the police, demonstrated in calm Sunday afternoon in Linz, in northern Austria against the government’s anti-Covid-19 measures, the day after a massive mobilization in Vienna which had attracted 40,000 protesters.

A national lockdown is due to go into effect Monday in the country until December 13, after the failure of the strategy of containing only the unvaccinated.

  • New night of tensions in Guadeloupe

The night from Saturday to Sunday remained agitated in Guadeloupe, where the challenge to health measures degenerated into blockages and violence. Fires and looting led to the arrest of 38 people during the night and left two injured among the security forces.

A judged situation « Intolerable and unacceptable » by government spokesperson Gabriel Attal, who also said that the progression of the fifth wave of Covid-19 in France was « Dazzling ».

  • In Russia, president receives third dose of vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Sunday evening that he had received a third dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine, as Russia is facing a large epidemic wave following a sluggish vaccination policy.

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