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On the eve of Joe Biden’s summit, China appears to be an « exemplary democracy »

Not only is China a democracy, but it is more so than the Western countries which claim to be such and in particular the United States. This is the message that the People’s Republic is trying to get across on the eve of the democracy summit that US President Joe Biden is organizing, by videoconference on December 9 and 10. This summit ulcerates Beijing for two reasons: it banishes China from the nations and considers Taiwan almost as a country since the island is on the guest list. If it is confirmed, the participation of Nathan Law, young leader of the Hong Kong Democratic movement – announced on December 6 by the latter on Twitter – will constitute a third provocation in Beijing’s eyes.

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The counter-attack of the communist leaders relates to an essential point: the United States would not be a true democracy, whereas China, it would be more and more. To discredit this adversary, it is surprisingly the Institute of Financial Studies of the People’s University in Beijing which was called upon. This one presented, Monday, December 6, in front of an assembly of diplomats, a brochure of 70 pages posing « Ten questions for American democracy ». For the authors of the report, the United States is in fact a plutocracy where « Power is at the service of capital », with a middle class which tends to disappear, a country where freedom of expression has given way to « fake news » and which does not protect human rights since « More than 30,000 people are killed there by firearms » every year.

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Internationally, the American record from their point of view is even worse since the United States creates « Disasters in other countries », in particular the “Arab Spring” renamed “Arab Winters” by China. Since 1870, Washington would have led « 392 military interventions abroad ». In short: in the United States, it is not the people who have the power but « Six masters » : money, weapons, white people, the media, the military-industrial complex and drugs.

« No opposition parties »

Faced with this hell, China is « A Democracy that Works », according to the title of the white paper published on December 4. Far from being the prerogative of Westerners, « Democracy is a common value of mankind and an ideal which has always been cherished by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people », we read from the first sentence. According to this document, the concept would not come from Athens but from the Middle Empire. “Five thousand years ago, ancient Chinese began to explore the concept that people were the foundation of the state. Their ideas contained the seeds of what we know today as democracy.  » How to define it? « A country is democratic if the people are its true masters, if people have the right to vote and, more importantly, the right to participate widely, if they are made verbal promises in elections and, more importantly, if these promises are kept after elections (…) « 

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