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Please draw me a robot

If the robot artist Ai-Da recently recited a poem inspired by Dante’s work, Roboy knows how to ride a bicycle and can have an artificial nose. For his part, Elon Musk promises an automaton which, from 2022, must get rid of useless tasks. Are we going to have to establish a survival guide when humanoid robots are inviting themselves more and more into our daily lives?

Do you know Ai-Da? This robot artist, whose name is a nod to Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron who created one of the first computer programs, has impressed the world with her talents as a designer and painter. However, she is also capable of inventing her own poems, as she recently showed at the University of Oxford. According to its creators, it could even generate 20,000 words every ten seconds. She recently paid homage to Dante, drawing inspiration from the works of the Florentine writer and poet who died 700 years ago.

Imagined by the British company Engineered Arts, another humanoid robot, Ameca, leaves no one indifferent. « This robot worries us and attracts us because it looks a lot like us », analyzes Laurence Devillers, professor of artificial intelligence at Sorbonne University and at LISN-CNRS (Saclay). The British manufacturer is behind another robot, called Mesmer, which mimics the movement of our eyes with disconcerting ease. But there is even more jack-of-all-trades. Imagined by the Technical University of Munich, Roboy knows how to ride a bike, sell ice cream or even play the xylophone. Researchers would like to give it an artificial nose, which would allow it to recognize … the grape variety of a wine.

While Elon Musk plans to launch his own humanoid robot, the Tesla Bot – 1.73 m tall and capable of walking at 8 km / h – next year, should a survival guide be established in the era of robots? Debate in # Tech24.

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