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Quiz: how well do you know the sport?

Why was Muhammad Ali stripped of his title? who was nicknamed « The Eternal Second » of the Tour de France? Does FIFA have more members than the UN? The world invites you to strengthen your memory in a pleasant and effective way, with this series of sports questions. You will then be able to continue training, on this theme and many other subjects of general knowledge, thanks to the Memorable application, designed by the journalists of the World. Four days a week, you explore a topic with short videos and article excerpts from our archives, followed by questions. It’s up to you to answer them, then to benefit from immediate and personalized corrections, then articles to go further. Our free test allows you to receive four subjects, preceded by revisions. Before developing your general culture with Memorable, place to the quiz on sport:

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Discover Memorable, the general knowledge application of  » World « 

History, international, culture… Do you want to take stock of your knowledge and develop it? The world has thought of you with its Memorable application. On your smartphone, your tablet or your computer, we offer you a daily lesson, thematic, with a series of questions, excerpts from articles taken from our archives since 1944, photos, videos. Ten minutes a day to read and exercise your memory by answering our questions then discovering our corrections, immediate, personalized, followed by articles to deepen. You can then choose your favorite themes and revise, according to your results and… your desires.

You can test our general knowledge application for free, without engagement. The service will then require a subscription.

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