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The extraordinary epic of the TikTok network, adored by Metallica and banned from the White House

TikTok: accused, stand up! After the European Commission, it is the turn of the White House and the Canadian government to recommend to their representatives the uninstallation of the video sharing application. If TikTok, which has more than a billion users, promises not to act on orders from Beijing, mistrust grows.

After the European Commission, the White House and Canberra are distancing themselves from the Chinese social network TikTok. The application, used by Metallica as well as Will Smith and Madonna, would pose serious questions of cybersecurity, if not manipulation of minds. If the case takes a diplomatic turn, TikTok defends itself from any interference.

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Whatever the outcome reserved for this cyber-arm wrestling, it will be increasingly difficult to do without Chinese technology. A study published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, an Australian think tank, explains that China has a « staggering lead » in 37 out of 44 critical and emerging technologies. Admittedly, the United States maintains a lead in high-performance computing and the launch of satellites, but Beijing is widening the gap in 5G, synthetic biology and electric batteries.

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