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The « memory therapy » of the grandchildren of the Algerian war

It is the story of an inner journey. That of a journey that leads to memories still ablaze and family sufferings that have mostly remained silent. It is the story of a journey through time. That of a personal quest of eighteen young people who came to marry the long destiny of two countries which have attracted and torn each other for nearly sixty years. Eleven women and seven men who did not know each other agreed to make this painful crossing together with one goal: to appease « This memory wound » which offends France and Algeria, as Emmanuel Macron described it.

The stakes are high. Heavy with meaning for these young people, whether they are French, binational and for some Algerians. Because, even if the war has been over since 1962, Linda, Yohann, Alma, Nabil, or even Lina (they do not want their last name to be made public), who are between 18 and 35 years old, despite themselves wear the legacy of this conflict: they are the grandchildren of these tormented memories between the two Mediterranean countries. Their grandparents were fighters of the National Liberation Front (FLN), French soldiers, called, harkis or repatriates (black feet and Jews).

« A lot of benevolence »

Since June, this group – which has called itself « Views of the young generation on Franco-Algerian memories » – has been freely discussing and reflecting on how to bring together all these « wounds » on behalf of the Elysee Palace. « There was a lot of goodwill between us », assures Gautier, great-grandson of a putschist general, former head of the Organization of the Secret Army (OAS).

After five months of intimate discussions – that The world was able to follow -, these young people were to submit, Tuesday, November 30, several proposals, in the form of messages, to Emmanuel Macron, supposed to feed the reflection of the President of the Republic around « Reconciliation between the French and Algerian peoples ».

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The most important concerns the school: these memory bearers want colonization and the Algerian war to be studied in class and that they become an essential theme of national education. They believe that « The French born in the 1980s (…) did not benefit from history lessons during this period in their school career ”. In addition, the group suggests collecting and disseminating the words of people who experienced the Algerian war on a social network created for the occasion. The idea is to bring to life the memory of the last living witnesses. They also want the creation of a « Franco-Algerian youth office » to meet and carry out projects with their alter egos on the other side. And the most symbolic of the messages is addressed to Emmanuel Macron: the young people offer him to pronounce « A great speech » on the Algerian war which « Reflects all memories » without being « Necessarily based on excuses » corn « Looking to the future ». Now it’s up to him to choose …

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