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Virtual influencer, 8K, one-hectare screen: welcome to the Chinese Olympics techno-bubble

The Olympics are an opportunity for China to show the world that it can become the greatest technological nation. Overview of this life-size laboratory.

Train in 5G allowing you to broadcast programs in 8K, drones that deliver your dishes as soon as they are ready, massage chair that you can tilt with a smartphone: the Olympic Games which are currently taking place in China represent an opportunity gold for Beijing to show that it has the means to achieve the goal it set itself last year, that of becoming the most high-tech nation in the world by 2035. In this meaning, avatar Dong Dong, a particularly successful “virtual influencer”, fulfills this mission sheet.

This rise in power raises questions about respect for privacy, as noted by the Toronto Citizen Lab think tank. The My2022 application raises many security holes and harbors eavesdropping possibilities. An accusation refuted by Yu Hong, the technical manager of the Olympic Organizing Committee, as can be seen in the video of this column.

Accused of resorting too automatically to artificial snow, Beijing highlights the use of hydrogen vehicles for the event, as well as electricity produced by wind turbines. But it will still take a lot of effort for China, whose energy consumption still relies more than 50% on coal, to achieve carbon neutrality.

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